Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire

Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire

Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire At Streval Structural Evaluation we are leading building control inspectors. We are a widely respected and successful company with many years of experience. Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire.

The average lifespan of any concrete building is said to be between 75 to 100 years. This is if the structural integrity of the building is frequently assessed by a professional structural engineer.

If you’re a house buyer or a mortgagor in the UK seeking to buy an old property, you need the services of a structural engineer to investigate and examine the structural integrity of a property. This article will give you all the information you need to know about Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire.

What is it?

It is an exercise carried out by a Structural Engineer to determine the structural integrity of your property. The engineer’s job is to examine, inspect and provide a detailed report about its condition. Structural Engineers are there to help with calculations if there is any change you might want to make, judging from identified defects. 

The structure has to be properly checked whether there are any poor designs, cracks or distortions. If there are signs of inadequate expertise by the builders, cracking, poor designs, faults or distortions in the structure of your property, your Engineer will let you know and include it in a report.

Why do you need one in the UK?

Some buildings might have been built in a rush or built with poor and inadequate materials; some properties could also have been built from poor expertise. Structures like this are ticking time bombs; they could collapse in no time, leading to the loss of lives and property. 

Some buildings have aged so much that they begin to creak or crack. Due to harsh climatic conditions, a building can lose its structural strength. To be on the safe side, you need to make the Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire of your property a primary assignment especially when you’re planning to buy an old property. 

Note that a Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire have to abide by building regulations. So, an architect or building surveyor can inform you in advance if your property requires an inspection. 



This inspection covers the entire property or a range of issues relating to the structure. These issues might include creakings or thinness of the walls or the roof, the state of the lintels, beams and columns. This type of inspection also concerns slight signs of risk that the foundation might have, such as surrounding trees or structures. It is useful for properties that might need to be renovated or repaired by a prospective buyer. 

Specific Structural Inspection Kempston South Bedfordshire :

This inspection focuses on examining a particular structural problem; it could be a creak or crack in a particular area of your house, dampness or roofing defects. It’s mostly recommended by bank surveyors in the course of the valuation of a property. Areas that are not related to the specific problem, which might constitute a risk might be pointed out or included in the report.


Buying an old property comes with its risks. But to avoid future accidents, there are Structural Engineers in the UK that will offer you relevant advice and detailed reports about your property. Inspections are necessary for you to take action on any impending fault or accident that might happen in the future.